Music learning,
In just minutes, you'll be playing along
with thousands of your favorite songs—
and that's only the beginning.
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can play.
Play instantly no matter who you are and what you know about music. Super-short, interactive narrations show you everything you need to get started.
of songs.
Our playlist is curated straight from YouTube to contain a huge variety of jams and genres, from pop to indie to R&B. You’re sure to find something you’ll love to play here.
for real.
Shapes shows you how music really works. It doesn’t just tell you what notes to play; it teaches you how to “think” music like a pro.
How does it work?
When experienced musicians interact with music, they seldom think in terms
of notes, scales or keys. Instead, they’ve translated years of experience
into natural shapes and patterns on their instruments. Now you can
experience this broader way of thinking right from the start.
You already
know a lot.
Most people can
easily hear when a
note sounds “right”
or “wrong” with a
song, even with no
musical training.
This means that we
hear music in terms
of broader groupings
of notes, and that we
develop this ability
A new set of
musical ideas.
Shapes identifies
the broadest group
of notes that sounds
good with a song,
arranges them in
a way that’s super
easy to remember,
and translates them
directly to an
instrument, making
it possible to instantly
play by ear.
Playing is just
the beginning.
Learn a ton just by
playing, and then
take your new skills
as far as you like—
the principles you
pick up here will
open a whole new
way to read and
write music, improve
your musical ear, and
finally understand
music theory.
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